Friday, July 6, 2012

Moving to a new blog

Our 2nd adoption is done, everyone is home. This new blog will be about our everyday life as a family. I will post and will try to be honest about our life as one family :)

Please follow, support, pray and comment, we really enjoy comments :)

Thank you everyone for following us, and being with us during our adoption process! God Bless you

Thursday, July 5, 2012

40 days in Ukraine

Friday, June 29 was 40st day in Ukraine for Sergey.
38 Tuesday he received passports, and dropped off all the paperwork at US embassy.
Last notes from Sergey:
Today is a day, when we hopefully will get all paperwork done and will get visa’s, because on Thursday and Friday is day off due to holiday. So I woke up at 5:30 am got in the shower, had coffee and at 6 am woke boys up. Funny that Danik woke up without any problem but Stasik I couldn’t wake him up. He is sure is a good sleeper. :) As soon I put Stasik on his feet he falls right back to bed, and I would repeat that again and again and he was back in his bed in few seconds. So it took me a while to wake him but I got that done.
Then we left Petrovsky and headed to embassy. At 9 am we got some paperwork and went straight to hospital for medical exam. There were so many people waiting that would took us a whole day to do that, but thanks God they have policy and they process adoptions - without any line. Took us about hour and half, after that we ran to orphanage to finish process and officially move kids from Father’s house, and at 2 pm came back to embassy. So after 3 pm we got Visa’s thanks God, and started big process of packing. Airline tickets for 5:30 am so I have to be at airport on 3 am and it is 1 hour to get there. So I started packing as soon I got to orphanage, than I took some pictures with boys and their friends. At 9:30 pm boys went to sleep and at 10 pm I did too.
Today I was supposed to get home… but didn’t work the way I expected. Well let’s start from the beginning. At 1 am I woke up and at 1:30 I woke up kids, and again I couldn’t get Stasik to wake up that easy but by 2 am we got that done. So as soon I happily entered airport and started to look at the monitor in order to find out which window I needs to go to.. I saw red writing next to my flight number which said Cancelled. My flight was canceled and here I am standing with kids at the airport not knowing what to do. Later I went to Lufantha window. There were huge line of people, but I passed all of them and was one of first ones. They change my flight number to different rout that was only 1 hour difference. So I waited and as soon as window to Amsterdam opened I went there, but my tickets were on waiting list, and if they would have any available seats they would let me know. After waiting 3 hours they didn't do anything for us. Sadly I have to go back to window and ask them if they give us different flight. After some waiting they got us next day flight at 6:40 am to Munich and from Munich to San Francisco. I was happy about that. Yes, I would prefer to be home with my wife, and kids, but I am happy that I did get another flight. Company also gave us room in expensive hotel, paid for all food and taxi. I was happy and my kids got some rest. This flight looks like even better because I have only on stop instead of 2. Maybe that is God’s way to give us better flight.
Also today Danik started to have a high fever.  I had to run to pharmacy few times, and tried to control it. Thank you everyone who prayed, his fever went down before we boarded our flight, and never came back. He never had strep throat like Stasik did, and Danik did have all the same symptoms as Stasik.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 days home

Boys are finally home :) Our life did change, but we were prepared for more changes and were expecting more  difficult first few days. Probably we are still in our honeymoon days, but also I am wondering if every adoptive family has this honeymoon period after they bring their kids home !? I really hope that we will not have a reality come after honeymoon, I hope we have a reality now. :)

 Danik and Stasik does very good with following instructions, and it's been only 4 day since they are home, but it feels like it been way longer. They already know most of the rules and trying very hard to follow all the rules. They did have few timeouts(sitting on their beds, and thinking what happened). Danik and Stasik do love each other, but lately(few month ago) they started to push each other, and sometimes fight, and this is what happened yesterday,  Stasik did say something bad,  and Danik being a bigger brother pushed him, and told him not to say these word anymore, and here the fight came . I really hope they got their lesson, I did talk with them, and explained a lot, and after that incident there was no more pushing and fighting between these two. :)

Danilka and Denny getting use to share things, and play with Danik and Stasik. Elliana is just a baby, and everyone loves her, no problem here.

I am still thinking about a new blog, and I really want to write, and concentrate more on our family, and things that we go through every day as a family.

I am feeling so blessed to be a mom to these two wonderful little boys. They didn't have a great life, and Sergey and I are up to teach them about God, family, and morals. We are thankful and very blessed with all our kids.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pictures from airport

At airport.....

Sorry for bad quality of 1st picture, my hands were shaking :) couldn't take a good picture :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

We are home!!!

Yesterday late we all safely got home. Praising our God, and everyone thank you for your prayers! Updates will come soon

We are busy, happy and very thankful :)) Very busy morning at Mironyuk's house :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

We need your prayers

Sergey still in Kiev, and Danik is getting sick. Looks like he has the same thing that Stasik had, strep throat. It's starting with very high fever, and no other symptoms. We are praying that Sergey will be able to control fever with medicine, and at least make it home.

Please pray for Danik, so he would feel better, and Sergey, so he has more strengths. There is no way they can miss this flight, if they do, they will have to spend and other 3-5 days in Kiev, do to flights being booked and many canceled. Please pray   Blessings

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Change of plans

When Sergey got to airport this morning, his flight was canceled, and there was no way for him to get a different flight the same date. Thankful to God for taking care of him, and boys and they are safe and taken care of.
 They are still in Kiev, and company gave them hotel to sleep in, and provided meals. They have another flight booked for Friday morning, and should be home by the end of the day. One more delay, one more day in more day not seeing my husband and my kids.

We are trying to stay positive, and not be discourage and disappointed by this situation. I know that there is a reason for everything.

The bad part is that Sergey will miss one more day of work, and it means smaller paycheck, but good part, he will have only one stop in Munich, and will go straight to California. In our original ticket we had two stops, and it would be more difficult with two boys.

Please pray for everything to go smooth

Praise our God

Sergey did received all necessary paperwork, and he is ready to come home with our newly adopted two boys. Please praise our God for being there with us again, and again!!!  Also Sergey feeling much better!

Sergey and boys all packed and ready. Our 7 year old Stasik did tell me today over skype: " I am ready to come home mommy, I missed our house and you so much! It's been way to long, and I am ready to be home"! Funny little boy! We are ready to have them home!

I am planning to make green borsh, and other Ukrainian food. House is ready, I just have to wash our cars, and clean a little outside :) and we are all done.

Can wait to have my husband home, and be next to him, cant wait to hug, and hold my boys!

Please pray for safe and easy trip home! It will be a long day for them!

**** Please praise our God, there $100 more in our adoption funds, and you know who you are, thank you a lot! God Bless you

Updates will come